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What Is A Firewall And Why Do I Need One?
Every computer or device on the Internet has an address, kind of like the address on your house.  As people are surfing the net (driving down the street) they can view the public addresses (houses) and try to get in (pull in the driveway and knock on the door, or kick it down!).  A hardware firewall makes your computers invisible to Internet traffic by placing a wall between the Internet and your computers.  It will accept a public address on one side of the wall and give your computers a private address behind the wall.  With a software firewall, your computer can still be visible, but the door is very difficult to kick in.  A router is an example of a hardware firewall, Norton Internet Security is an example of a software firewall.  
How Can I Prevent My Neighbors From Accessing My Wireless Network?
Always disable broadcasting and enable wireless security.  Disabling broadcasting will prevent your wireless router from being seen on a list of available wireless networks by wireless computers in your parking lot, another office in your building or houses in your neighborhood.  Enabling wireless security can either require a key code to be entered to gain access, or can restrict access to certain computers identified by a unique hardware address encoded in the computer.

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